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  1. I make it a point to travel from Halifax to Northern New Brunswick for a week every year in large part to get some fantastic cross-country skiing in. I’ve just returned from another fantastic week. I’ve been to a number of different facilities around both provinces and Les Aventuriers is first class and worth the trip every year. A great team of volunteers and members make this all the more worthwhile. Look forward to next year.

  2. Hello We have skied your trails a dozen times or more … and although we have not got lost we cannot match your trail map to the trails on the ground. I have an excellent sense of direction and have a degree in Forestry so it is not a lack of map skills. The frustrating part is that we can not figure out from the map how far we have skied. for example the Bowater is not distinguished on the map from panoramic … there seems to be parts of panoramic that on the map but not groomed on the ground. Plus the markings at the intersections are confusing … someone with a poor sense of direction and new to the trails could get lost and into trouble especially if they are a new skier.

    There is simple solution to the problem … that is to number the interactions both on the trail and the map … then when you are at the intersection then you know exactly where you are on the map. This will allow you to have black and white photocopy map (inexpensive to produce) that is accurate to the field.

    If you would like help with this project I would gladly assist. Andrew Wort – Dieppe … but also have in laws in Dalhousie

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for your comment and feedback, it’s always valuable to receive. I’ve passed it onto the technical team and I’ll get back to you sometime late this week or early next week.
      Have a great day,
      Les Aventuriers

    • Oui nous avons assez de neige Jean-Claude! Disons que c’est dur sur la cire, mais on ne voit pas le fond. Le fond est glacé, mais on a une petite couche de neige fraîche sur le dessus. Toutes les pistes sont ouvertes aussi.

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